Preview and Voting "teddy bear and friends picnic"

Little Snowball (sweet little kitty) and I are so EXCITED!!!
I can't believe it is preview day already : ). Only two more weeks till show time :)
Little Snowball and all her friends will love it if you visit them at "Teddy Bear and Friends Picnic" and while you are there vote for your favorite  ...  : )
Have a wonderful weekend. :)
Lots of Little Bear/little kitty Hugs,
Ece and the little Snowball...


  1. Thank you so very much :) Lots of Hugs, Ece and little Snowball...

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so very much Natalie :). Lots of Hugs from little Snowball and Ece...

  3. Little Snowball is awesome. I cannot wait to see the others little ones taking part of the show =)!

    1. The little ones and I are so EXCITED!!! too. Thank you so very much. See you at the show :) Lots of Little Bear Hugs, Ece...

  4. Thank you so very much :) They are absolutely a JOY to create. Little Bear Hugs, Ece...