I am here :)

Hi Everyone,
I hope you all had a great weekend :).  It was a great weekend here in the studio (a little hectic :)) with the little ones.
You may have noticed I have decided to make a few additions to the blog page - I added a contact and an available page on top to post new little ones - which means ...
I will be listing a new little one here at the available page tomorrow :) I am so excited about him.  I hope you will like him...:)  (if you are on my mailing list you should have received an email from me today - if you did not please let me know at ece@bearsbyece.com - thank you).
Another new project I am working on right now is a brand new website (which should be going live in a few weeks). I really hope it is going to turn out the way I am visualizing it.
I am working on a custom-ordered little one right now :)-I will share his photos here with you when he is born and after his new mommy sees him. :)
I will be back here tomorrow with the new little one (his name is Aiden) :)
Have a wonderful evening.
Little Bear Hugs,
Ece :)