Custom Orders ...

Hi Everyone,
I can't believe this weekend went by with the blink of an eye. I have been working on a few special ordered little ones :). They are almost born so I am hoping to have a lovely photo session with them this week. I will put their photos up here too as soon as their mommies meet them :)
I am also hoping to have a little for immediate adoption soon after these little ones are born. I hope you will like him :)
Before I forget - warm welcome to the new followers !!!.
Have a lovely week everyone. They are saying it will be raining here this week. Spring is just around the corner though ... :) - are you ready for Spring? ...


  1. Sounds like you are busy. Can't wait for the pictures.

  2. I can't wait to see your special order bears, Ece! Have fun creating! Hugs, Janice