ADOPTED <3 Thank you all so very much <3

 Little Finley

Little Finley is around  6 1/4" tall (not counting his big bunny ears). 
He is made out of the  SOFTEST Tissavel faux fur and Schulte faux fur with guardhairs for his fluffy tail .

He has German glass glass eyes + hardened and sealed 100% wool for his little nose. 
He  is completely locknut jointed with armatured arms and wired ears :). 

He is filled with cotton,polyfil, lots of stainless steel-shot (feels absolutely WONDERFUL when you are holding him in your hands) and as always lots and LOTS of HUGS :)
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me.
  Thank you so much.
Lots of HUGS,
Ece and little Finley...

ADOPTED <3 Thank you all so very much <3